All Different, All Equal

Philosopher Isaiah Berlin wrote in 1953 an essay entitled The Hedgehog and The Fox. His theory divides people into two kinds: Hedgehogs who perceive the world through the prism of a single idea and Foxes who consider it from every angle. But, really, is one better than the other? Fox or Hedgehog, we are All Different, All Equal!

We reached a point in history where empowerment can be spread globally with a single click. Let’s support those who need it most, by putting discrimination behind us. Join our campaign, fight for equality and spread the word!

The Idea

No money. No petition. No vote. All we ask you to do is to:

1. Find out if you are a hedgehog or a fox by taking this short, easy, amusing, life changing, enlightening test.
2. Proudly download and print the sign matching your answer
3. Head over to your favorite landmark/enchanting landscape.
4. Put a smile on your face, grab the sign and say “cheese” to the camera.
5. Send your photo below to be featured on our Social Media.

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Do you see yourself as a hedgehog?

Are intellectuals more likely to exaggerate than underestimate the world’s complexity?

We can successfully create simple and correct explanations of politics.

I think Politics is more unpredictable than predictable.

More problems are caused by giving up good ideas too soon than by sticking with bad ideas too long.

Having clear rules and order at work is essential for success.

I always listen to different opinions, even if I have already made a decision.

I don’t like questions that can be answered in many ways.

I usually make important decisions quickly and confidently.

When people have an argument, I can see the good and bad points on both sides.

I hate listening to people who can’t make up their mind.

I enjoy being around people who have different opinions from me.

When trying to solve a problem, I often see so many options that it is confusing.


Famous Hedgehogs & Foxes


Ronald Reagan
Steve Jobs


Da Vinci
John F Kennedy
Bill Gates

Fun Facts

84 Tests taken
51 Hedgehogs
33 Foxes